Basic is a lineup of sake brewed completely by hand to be the royal road of TATENOKAWA. It is brewed mainly with Dewasansan and Miyamanishiki, both of which are grown with less agricultural chemicals and less chemical fertilizers by contract farmers in Shonai.

The sake is brewed without eccentricity, aiming to be a sake that follows the main road, which is delicious not only with Shonai's local cuisine, but also with common Japanese food such as Sushi, Tempura, Kaiseki (" Japanese traditional cuisine "), and fish dishes, or to support the flavor of the dishes. The lineup is designed for casual, elegant, and gorgeous dining scenes, so please don't expect any aromatic impact, gas, or strong sweetness.

However, it is brewed using the same methods as the high-class products, such as in-house rice polishing, limited water absorption, koji making using original koji boxes, low temperature long-term unrefined sake, and rapid sterilization and cooling using plate heaters, so you will be able to see a glimpse of these methods.

Sato Jumpei(6th Generation Brewer)

SEIRYU All Year Round

English name: STREAM

Named after its lightness and transparency. Made with Yamagata Prefecture original sake rice Dewasansan, milled so that only 50% of the grain remains, and with less alcohol than standard sake at 14%, the palate is light, fruity and vivacious with a slight hint of acidity, followed by a gentle smooth finish.
The charm of this Junmai Daiginjo has to be its low price.

Recently awarded a great gold medal in the main section of the 2017 'Sake That Tastes Good in a Wine Glass' awards, also a gold medal in the Junmai Daiginjo section of 'Kura Master 2017'.  More information can be found here


Made with the sake rice variety Miyama Nishiki, cultivated by our own sake rice research institute, this is a sake that shows off the best characteristics of the rice: a deep sharp citrus like acidity.  
A slightly reserved nose lends itself to an expansive rustic flavour. A clean sake with a good balance of acidity that pairs well with all type of food.


English name: MAINSTREAM DRY

The sort of sake that continues to be a firm favourite of the sake aficionado.Made with Dewasansan sake rice, with a longer fermentation to turn more of the sugar into alcohol and achieve a sake meter value of +8. But this is not your average dry sake: dry for the sake of being dry, No; it has plenty of umami, a relaxed aroma, a bit of bite, and balance of flavour that pairs well with a variety of different cuisine.

SHURYU All Year Round Limited Supply

English name: VOGUE

We present to you our entry into the market of Ginjo sakes with perfumed aromas and beautiful flavours that have very much become the trend of recent years. Made with Yamada Nishiki sake rice polished to 50%, a combination of Sake Yeast Society No.9 yeast, and an aroma producing yeast, we are confident that this is an article of rare beauty. A florid nose and full-bodied flavour that is typical of Yamada Nishiki sake rice make for a well-balanced spread mid palate.

Awarded a Silver medal at the 2015 and 2016 IWC (International Wine Challenge), in the Junmai Ginjo, Junmai Daiginjo category, and a Silver medal at 'Sake Competition 2016' in the Jummai Daiginjo category. You can find more details here

TATENYAN Limited Supply

Tatenyan is the official mascot of TATENOKAWA,INC. Tatenyan is actually the CEO's pet cat, born February 22th 2009. One day, out of the blue, she came wandering into the brewery. She has been living in the CEO's house ever since. She spends most of her time sleeping. (laughs)

This sake is not only for sake lovers, but also cat lovers who do not really know about Japanese sake. The palate holds lightly scented and mild acidity followed by a softly finish as representing "TATENYAN’s heart".