The ultimate freshness of sake comes from the quality of the Moromi, which is the muddy substance before it is pressed. However, according to the license to make sake, the unrefined must be filtered. Filtering is the process of separating the liquid from the solid. Doburoku and Korean Makgeolli do not need to be filtered.
Looking at the trends in sake nowadays, it seems that people are looking for fresher and gassy flavors. Whether that's fine or not, I guess the ultimate place to experience freshness is at the brewery's Funaguchi (tank entrance). This is where the sake drips out right after it is pressed. Normally, only the brewer can know the taste of the sake. However, we want to provide our fans with the presence, atmosphere, aroma, and air of the brewery's tank entrance in a fresh condition. The origin of the "TATENOKAWA MUGA" series is based on this passion.

This series’ sake is bottled in a special method so as not to let escape the gaseous sensation, without any adjustments, eliminating the process of oxidizing by contact with the air as much as possible, without giving time. After pursuing the freshness of the taste, Six "Mu(無:nothing)" were layered on top of each other.

I hope you will enjoy the taste of this sake, which is the result of our "extremely concentrated" pursuit of freshness.

Sato Jumpei(6th Generation Brewer)