In the year of 2016 BY, TATENOKAWA achieved a rice polishing ratio of 1%, which no other brewery had ever achieved before. Other sake breweries may say, "We have no choice but to polish off the rice," or "There is no point in polishing off so much rice.”

In an industry where the term "Ginjo" was coined after World War II, and where the classification of sake categories and grades based on the rice polishing ratio and whether or not alcohol is added has been recommended and practiced, we have finally reached that goal. In other words, I truly believe that we have ended the competition of rice polishing ratio.

Polishing rice to 1% may seem like an outlandish idea. However, if you have the know-how and technology to polish rice yourself to that level, you will not be afraid of any milling ratio. Furthermore, having achieved a 1% milling rate with Dewasansan and Yamadanishiki, two relatively soft-structured sake rice, I can say that no matter what kind of rice variety is used in the future, no matter what the milling rate is, it will be possible to achieve it without any problems.

More than anything else, I am proud to say that I have overturned the stereotype that the highest quality sake most breweries had to offer at competitions was Daiginjo (1.8L = about 10,000 yen).

A rice polishing ratio of 1% is a new gate for sake. I think we may have opened a door that should never have been opened, but I believe that sake can and should become more valuable than ever. An era in which Junmai Daiginjo with a rice polishing ratio in the 1% range is regularly enjoyed is right in front of us.

Sato Jumpei(6th Generation Brewer)

KOMYO Yamada Nishiki Limited Quantity

English name: Zenith Yamada Nishiki

In 2016 we set ourselves a momentous challenge: to produce a sake polished to just 1%. In the history of sake, no brewery had ever achieved a rice polishing of 1% before and KOMYO Dewasansan (Zenith Dewasansan), released in 2017, was a world first.

In 2018 we decided to aim even higher and challenge ourselves to brew a 1% polished sake with the ‘King of Sake Rice’: 100%, Hyogo-grown Yamada Nishiki. 2019 ushered in the birth of KOMYO Yamada Nishiki (Zenith Yamada Nishiki).

We hope our efforts will be an inspiration to others and shine a light into the future of sake.

KOMYO Limited Quantity

English name: Zenith 
In the history of sake, no brewery has ever been able to polish rice down to 1% before.
Some people might say, "Do we really need to do this?"

The answer of the 6th generation brewer, Jumpei Sato is “Only the brewery which took on this challenge can understand.”.

Only a brewery which had made the sake with a 1% rice polish ratio, could see the undiscovered world.

"Komyo", no other endeavor other than this one could open the door to this new frontier and bring rays of hopes to the "future of the world of sake".

Thanks to the ultimate transparency of the sake, it is clear that this sake comes from a completely different world of sake, and will develop a new frontier of sake.