Shield Soube Wase

Shield Soube Wase Seasonal Limited Quantity

Shield Soube Wase - Seasonal Limited Edition Quantity Limited

All Junmai Daiginjo Premium Sake

Available from October 2020
Shield Soube Wase is a native variety of rice grown in the Shonai region. The 'Kame-no-o', known as a phantom sake rice, was developed from the 'Soube Wase'. Today, 'Soube Wase' has become even more rare than 'Kame-no-o', a native variety of the Yamagata Prefecture's Shonai region. The seeds for this variety were acquired from the Yamagata Prefectural Agricultural Research Center's Paddy Field Experiment Station, and over the years we have increased the area planted to bring it back to life today.
The Shonai region has long been a place where rice breeding by local farmers has flourished, and we want to preserve and pass on this history and product in the form of sake. Our logo is a fusion of the Genji wheel, the crest of the brewer's family, and the shield, symbolising our will to continue to protect what has been inherited.

The flavor of "Shield Soube Wase" is a deeply original blend of beautiful sweetness and soft acidity.

Rice Sobe Wase 100% (from Yamagata Prefecture)
Rice Polishing Ratio 50
Yeast Yamagata KA
ABV 15
Sake Metre Value -1
Acidity 1.6
Amino Acidity 1.3
Retail Price in Japan(Tax included) 720ml : 2,365Yen
1,800ml : 4,180Yen
JAN Code 720ml : 4511802 017845
1,800ml : 4511802 017838

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