About Tatenyan

Tatenyan is the official mascot of TATENOKAWA,INC.
Tatenyan is actually the brewery's pet cat. She is female. She was born February 22th 2009.
One day, out of the blue, she came wandering into the brewery. She has been living in the CEO's house ever since.
She spends most of his time sleeping. (laughs)

Tatenyan Illustration Gallery

Tatenyan Illustration
Cherry Blossom Viewing
Tatenyan Illustration
False Recognition
Tatenyan Illustration
Bombed Out
Tatenyan Illustration
Full With Eel

New illustrations will be released in the future.

Tatenyan Photo Gallery

Tatenyan Photo
A Greeting From the Balcony
Tatenyan Photo
All Curled Up

New photographs will be added in future.

Tatenyan Official Goods

Tatenyan Goods
Tatenyan Goods
Coming Soon!

The above goods are handed out at sales demonstrations and tasting events.
New items will be added to this page as and when they are available

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