Yamagata is referred to as the fruit growing kingdom and its La France, cherries, apples, and grapes are famous nationwide.
We produce a series of regional liqueurs under the brand KODAKARA that mainly use fruit and yoghurt from Yamagata as the main ingredient.

Company Overview

CEO CEO Sato Jumpei(6th Generation Brewer)
Inauguration 1832
Incorporation November 22nd 1962
Location 27 Aza Shimizuda, Yamadate, Sakata-Shi, Yamagata, Japan 999-6724
Business Operation Manufacture of products containing alcohol(sake "TATENOKAWA"、shochu, liqueur "KODAKARA"、liqueur "HOMERUN MAKKORI")

※In accordance with the law on underage drinking、we will not serve any customer who we deem to be under 20 years old and cannot confirm otherwise.

Recruitment Information